Friday, June 1, 2012

Reading on Rainy Days

So, at the start of hurricane season in Florida, I'm facing lots of days like today - gray, damp, and dreary - for the next few months.  While it's not so much fun to fight with umbrellas or deal with rain-delayed traffic, it is the right season to pick up a good book, curl up on the couch and get transported away from the rain.

For rainy days, I like mysteries or romantic comedies.  Today, I picked up the e-book The Chesire Cat's Eye by Marcia Muller, one of my favorite mystery authors.  It's one of her early books that I haven't read for many years and I wanted to revisit it.  I haven't gotten far, but the murder of a former client has Muller's private eye, Sharon McCone, caught up in the world of Victorian home restoration and has initiated my curiosity about why the murder occurred.  I don't remember the story, so I feel like I'm reading a brand new book.

What kinds of books appeal to you on a rainy day?