Saturday, March 26, 2016

So I joined a Reading Challenge for 2016 - The Girly Geek Blog's Bookish Bingo Challenge - and I'm excited to find books to help me to complete the challenge.  The challenge can be found at the Girly Geek Blog.  I stumbled over it on Pinterest - my new social media obsession.

I am going to use the challenge to help me dig through the "to-be-read" piles I still have after a major book purge (three reusable shopping bags of books have left or are leaving my apartment).

The book I started yesterday, The Theory of Death, by Faye Kellerman, is my first book for the challenge (and an easy one for me) - a book featuring a murder or assassination.  It's a library book, not one on my shelves or piles, but it should kickstart my urge to read.  I love the Decker series because it offers so many things I love.  I get to watch characters change, grow and live their personal lives over the series, I get to "participate" in a police investigation and I get to see parts of the story from different perspectives.

So, do you participate in Reading Challenges? What gets you fired up to try a new book?