Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Busy January

 I've been working nonstop since Sunday when I got home from an unexpected trip to my sister's hometown.  She was in a bad fender bender so I dropped everything and drove three hours to offer support while she was checked out by the local ER.  Good news - she didn't have any internal injuries or broken bones and the accident was clearly caused by another driver.  Bad news - her Toyota RAV4 wasn't so lucky; it was the most heavily damaged vehicle.

I brought her a book to pass the time in the ER but her nerves wouldn't let her focus.  To be honest, I couldn't really read either.  Sometimes a book can offer comfort and escape, but not if your brain won't focus.

Now that I have a busy schedule, I've been trying to squeeze in some time to read.  However, I have trouble choosing what to read when I'm busy.  I want a good escape, but not so great that I can't put the book down and get a good night's sleep.  Sometimes nonfiction will fit the bill, but not at the moment.

I'm currently reading a mystery by Elaine Viets, Murder Unleashed, that's been lingering in my to-be-read pile.  It's fluffy, but fun and I love the protagonist of this series.  Helen has a past she's hiding from, some crazy neighbors and an interesting history of dead-end jobs and dead bodies.  I've also been working on a couple of library books, but I'm worried I won't finish them before they expire.  For me, that's the one disadvantage of library e-books - you can't renew if you're not done before your 3 weeks are up.

So, what kind of book do you pick up when you need to escape?  Mystery? Romance? Humor? Sudoku puzzles?

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