Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend - what do you plan to read this weekend?

I was hoping to get out of town this weekend, but work interfered.  So, I'll be home, but with some time to kick back and relax.  The beaches will be crazy busy, but I might take a book to the Y and spend some time next to the pool tomorrow or Sunday.  So the next thing to think about will be what book should I take?

Summer reading usually means romance or mystery for me.  I just finished Susan Mallery's newest book Just One Kiss this past week, so that won't be this weekend's reading (and her next one is a whole month away!).  If you like a romance set in a small town with wonderfully quirky characters, you should check it out.  I loved the book!

So, I'm looking for suggestions.  What will be in your weekend/beach bag this weekend?  Would you suggest anything new or old that is a must read?


  1. Hi,

    This weekend was of course Susan's because I wanted to be fresh for my reviews. I loved it. It is like making new friends while visiting old friends. Fools Gold is awesome....

    I have just spend time with some of Susan Elizabeth Phillips books. She always has me laughing. Usually out loud and at inappropriate times.

    Looking forward to cheering with you this summer.

  2. Just One Kiss was fabulous! I l LOVED IT! It is a great book to start off our summer reading! Justice and Patience match perfectly with each other and in the Fool's Gold town. The struggles each face with their families we can find pieces we relate with allowing us closer to the characters in the book. Susan Mallery delivers again! This book is a must read on everyone's summer reading list! Enjoy!

  3. Loved this story! Patience and Justice's story really tugs at the heartstrings both them together and in each of their separate lives. I always love going to Fool's Gold. Great job Susan Mallery!

  4. Penny Vincezi's No Angel. Lots of great characters, awesome epic story. Don't fear its size you will hate to see it end. Plus, there are two sequels!

  5. Loved just one kiss!! Love that susan adds a little mystery to romance. Cant wait for gideon and felicias story!!!

  6. I loved Just One Kiss! I plan on trying to finish the book I'm on now, or drop it and skip directly to Jill Shalvis' It Had To Be You