Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Reading for Summer Days

As my inaugural post, I want to share how much fun I have reading books by Susan Mallery.  Her newest book, Summer Days, is out this week and it's a fun, engaging read that kept me up a little late because I had to finish it the same day I started it.

The story focuses on Heidi, who raises goats just outside of Fool's Gold on a ranch she put all of her savings into buying.  Now the ranch is at risk because of her grandfather and his not-quite-legal idea for helping a friend finance his fight against cancer.  From the beginning of the tale, you definitely wanted to keep reading just to find out whether Heidi will be able to keep the ranch or not.

The characters are fun, a little different from the people next door, but believable enough you wish you could meet them.  Even Heidi's goats have personality!  Fool's Gold is also a place you wish you could visit and/or live in.  While I know that not all small towns are true communities where people want to help each other, it's such a great dream to have.

I hope you'll check out Susan's books.  I also hope you'll come back and find some more books to read.


  1. I wish I could live in Fool's Gold!! Having the town helping me at times sounds like heaven! Being disabled, with a disabled child, I could use some help at times. I love Susan Mallery's books especially Fool's Golds. Best series ever.

  2. Awesome review fellow cheerleader I need to post mine to google and others too uggg time flies when we are having fun

  3. What a great review!! So glad you joined the team this year! I'm loving this season!! We've got a great group of ladies this year. And wow, a GREAT series to promote. Love Fool's Gold. Can't wait to read the next two this summer!

  4. Susan’s Fool’s Gold series is my absolute favorite. Not only do you wish the town and characters were real, you feel like it all is. Susan goes above and beyond other authors by giving us updates between the stories and after the HEA through her website I really enjoyed Rafe and Heidi’s story. Their love bloomed gradually and they were both really real characters. I look forward to reading more about our favorite fictional town this summer :D

    1. I totally agree that Susan keeps her fans updated about the characters of Fool's Gold in between books. The website for Fool's Gold has some wonderfully fun news stories.

  5. SUMMER DAYS is the perfect beach read. It’s funny, romantic, sexy, and it’s light both in tone and in actual weight – you can toss the paperback into your beach bag and go. Love it!

  6. Summer Days was such a fun story. Made me LOL several times. I loved Heidi and Rafe! I definately recommend Susan's books to anyone who hasn't tried them before. They will not be disappointed!